CTS Sales Profile

How is theCTS Sales Profile Different?


Salesperson Focused

The sales assessment uses precise easy to understand terms for recruiting high-activity salespeople.


Coaching Recommendations

The reports go beyond recruiting and help managers know who to ramp-up and how to coach each individual.


Validated and Proven

The CTS has been scientifically validated by some of the most well known sales forces in America.


No Faking it

Dr. Larry Craft has designed anti-faking triggers to catch those who embellish their potential.


Clear, Simple Design

Reports are easy to understand and written with a sales manager in mind. You’ll love the simplicity.


Mobile Friendly

View reports on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The design adjusts to your screen.

Sales Reports Shown on Various Desktop and Mobile Devices

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The Online CTS Sales Profile Includes:


Sales Profile Reports

Sales Profile Reports let you see an easily understood page predicting a candidate’s success in your sales position.


Sales Style Reports

If you know how the recruits approach face-to-face selling, then you can help them sell to a wider variety of personalities.


Sales Coaching Reports

Sales coaching reports give individualized tips for each candidate or recruit – Get them off to the best start and keep them.

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