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Salesperson Turnover Costs Your Clients Money

How would your clients like to see thousands and millions of dollars go straight to the bottom line? Companies with high sales rep turnover see up to 10% of sales in annual profit loss.

Why? Most managers and recruiters source their candidates poorly, and they use old methods to select their sales reps. Researchers tell us that resumes, reference checks and unstructured interviews are worth less than 6% in making a good hiring decision. Join us and help your clients make better hiring decisions and return profit to their businesses.

Poor hires can cost up to $100k per sales rep!

Let us help you


Add Recurring Revenue

Distribute a product that is purchased again and again without your presence.


Grow Your Business

Add client services in an area that will continue to be needed today and tomorrow.


Make Happy Clients

Affect part of a client's business that has a positive effect on other parts of its operations.


Get Certified

Receive training and certification on the Recruit the Best! System and improve your status.

How do you make money?


Affiliate Sales of CTS Sales Profiles

Distribute validated CTS Sales Profiles and receive half of the retail pricing as its reports help select better sales reps


Host your own training sessions

Earn income from your facilitation of one-on-one training sessions with small business clients and with corporate groups of managers and recruiters.


Sales of Training Materials

Distributors earn one-half the income provided by the sales of training materials as they train clients and from sales to in-house corporate trainers.


Coaching hours with client

As an expert in the Recruit the Best system, charge clients an hourly fee for your consultation during the recruiting process.

What is theRecruit the Best System?

A state-of-the-art, proven recruiting system for choosing the best high-activity sales professionals.

Developed by Lance Cooper and Steve Suggs in collaboration with Dr. Larry Craft, it is the first recruiting system designed like a sales funnel with 3 stages, utilizing scientific processes and tools in each stage.

It increases predictability of hiring a best recruit matching the character, attitudes, motivations, personality and skills required for great performance in high-activity sales positions.

The tools it uses include those for sourcing and screening candidates. A validated personality profile and structured questionnaires are aligned to measure the candidate's ability to prospect, manage high levels of activity, handle rejection, and persuade prospects to purchase.

Recruit the Best Funnel Infographic

Predictability increases from 6% to 50%with the use of scientific tools and skills.

How does theRecruit the Best System Help Your Clients?


Decrease Ramp-Up

People start up faster when they are born to sell and have a reason to reach a goal.


Minimize Turnover

Recruiting is the first phase for minimizing turnover followed by on-boarding and then coaching.


Increase Team Production

Team production increases with culture-aligned salespeople and the expectations of the position.


Improve Internal Culture

Engaged people enjoy what they were made to do & create a better spirit for internal cooperation.


Learn to Coach New Reps

The system provides in-depth info about the candidate's motivations, strengths and development areas.

How is theCTS Sales Profile Different?


Salesperson Focused

The sales assessment uses precise easy to understand terms for recruiting high-activity salespeople.


Coaching Recommendations

The reports go beyond recruiting and help managers know who to ramp-up and how to coach each individual.


Validated and Proven

The CTS has been scientifically validated by some of the most well known sales forces in America.


No Faking it

Dr. Larry Craft has designed anti-faking triggers to catch those who embellish their potential.


Clear, Simple Design

Reports are easy to understand and written with a sales manager in mind. You’ll love the simplicity.


Mobile Friendly

View reports on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The design adjusts to your screen.

Sales Reports Shown on Various Desktop and Mobile Devices

Distributor Selection Process

Contact us for more information about our selection steps. We want to make sure that we can fulfill each other's needs in a business relationship.


  1. Provide consulting, training, and coaching for your clients
  2. Attend Train-the-Trainer Certification in Knoxville, TN
  3. Complete an Independent Distributor Contract with SMS


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